Insults are nothing but hot air. They last for 2 seconds and then disappear

Teaching love


Will you listen?

Insults are a testimony of weakness. When people choose to raise their voices and to call someone names, they let their own insecurities and fears come to the surface. Bullies often confuse confidence and strength with this ‘fake confidence’.

Don’t be discouraged when someone yells at you or insults you for no good reason. If they are not able to talk to you without losing their temper, it is not worth listening.

The words coming out of their mouth are basically hot air that is lost in the universe after being said. No one will recall their negative comments because they will be long forgotten. It is almost like their insults never existed, a waste of time.

Not your time, their time. Next time you are being called names or bullied, know for yourself that it is them showing their weaknesses and insecurities, not you. Not reacting to their comments is they key to their defeat and your victory.

#teachlovenothate #keepcalm #insultsarelikehotair #respect


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