5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Love Over Hate

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Love versus hate

We made it our vision and moreover mission to spread love and eliminate hate. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose love over hate:


1. Hate is the exact opposite of religion and faith

If you claim to be a religious person then love should come first. Someone loved you in first place and wanted you – this is the reason why you are here on earth. Everyone who claims to know God but hates another person for being different, is just a big big hypocrite.


2. There is nothing more useless

The only thing that this sentiment provokes is damage. It does not make this world a better place, it makes it a lot worse and painful. If hate doesn’t change anything in first place, then why even chose it over love?


3. What you teach your children today is what will define them later

This is so obvious but also so underestimated. Parents are role models to their offspring, and whatever they see or hear especially while they are little, will form their own personality.


4. It doesn’t tell anything about the victim, it shows who you really are

Detesting someone for being who they are is not saying anything about them, but it is telling a lot about you. The truth is that those who choose hate suffer from fear that someone could outdo them or be more successful, something they can only fight by taking their happiness away.


5. Hate it is the reason why school shootings exist

Every once in a while you hear about another shooting in the news. Innocent children die and putting up sirens in schools is not what’s going to solve the problem in the long run. It is obvious but people are still to blind to see that the reason to all this is hate and bullying.

It’s not the children’s fault. If our society would put more time and effort into teaching our children how to accept and love someone rather than spending hours on cursive handwriting, we could save many innocent lives.

If we don’t react now, when is it all going to take an end? Teach your children to love and to be open-minded so this world can become a better place in the future.

Can you think of more reasons why to choose love over hate? Let us know in the comment section below!


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