Always Be Yourself

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Always be yourself!

Question: You can either meet original Beyoncé or you meet someone who covered her songs on YouTube. Who would you choose to meet?

You can choose any artists or movie stars that come to your mind, and still you would go for the ORIGINAL person, someone who’s special and there’s no one quite like them. Right?

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The copy is never as good as the original and why would you wanna be a copy anyway? You already are the original masterpiece of art and there is no one like you. Not a single person!

No one has your beautiful smile, no one has your good heart and no one talks like you do. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Therefore, always be yourself, because you are wonderful the way you are.


Define Yourself!

Daily Inspirations


Imagine this:
Someone wrote a book about you. It is a detailed biography, and it’s not going to be sugar coated.

What do you want to read about yourself in this book? What would other people think about you after reading it?

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YOU are the protagonist of this book and you have the power to transform it into a best seller! You are in charge of the people that appear in your book, you shape your own traits and image. Don’t just do it for the book, do it for yourself! You have the power to define your life and the person that you are – and no one else! Do good!

Happiness starts when you stop comparing yourself to others.

Teaching love


Happiness. It is as simple as that.

When we think of what we want for our lives, we often look to our right and to our left and compare.

“He’s got that expensive new car, that’s why all the girls love him. I won’t ever be able to afford one.”

“She’s only got the most expensive clothes – that’s why she is being so adored by everyone.”

When you compare yourself to other people, ask yourself if money, big cars and designer clothes truly can make a person happy.

Also, try to accept yourself the way you are. You’ll never be good at being someone else, you’re best at being yourself.

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