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help someone today

Make today a day of peace and good words. Of course we cannot help everyone, but if everyone tries to plant seeds of positivity into the people around them, everyone gets help.

Even if you don’t feel blessed today, you can be someone else’s blessing!


Not ‘why me’, say ‘try me!’

Daily Inspirations


Every once in a while it seems like everything is coming together at once. Life can be hard sometimes and coming at you unexpectedly.

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Today’s inspiration is about being strong even when it seems like the whole world turns its back on you.

When you face a problem with a positive mindset, you can overcome every obstacle that will ever come your way.

Declare today: “I can do this. I can get through this.”!

We want to remind you today, that you are a winner!

Why positivity is KEY

Daily Inspirations


Why is positivity key and to WHAT?

To basically everything. It is key to your success. It is key to a healthy lifestyle and it is key to good social relationships.

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When you keep a positive mindset, you are much more likely to solve difficult problems. The negative mind says:I can’t. I won’t. It will never happen. – whereas the positive one says “I will. I can. I will make this dream come true “.

Learn to eliminate your doubts and negative thoughts, because all they do is keep you down, taking away all of your joy and hope for the future. Staying positive will affect every area in your life. You will appear more friendly and open to others, you feel better about yourself – important factors that could open an important door to your bright future.

As you can see: You hold the keys! They’ve always been inside of you, you just have to discover where to find them.

Declare today that you are going to stay positive, even when it is not easy in those particular moments. When you keep a positive mindset, you hold the keys to your dreams in your hands.

Good things come to those who wait

Daily Inspirations


Are you waiting for something to become your reality right now?

Then you better keep waiting! Not just only wait, but prepare! If you stay focused and patient, your efforts will pay off and you’ll be better off than taking the easy way.

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If it’s important to you, then you better wait and prepare! Because good things come to those who wait!

Listen to your heart

Daily Inspirations, Teaching love


Are you struggling to make a decision about something? Not sure if you’re doing the right thing?

Then you should stop listening to what everyone else thinks you should do and start listening to your heart! This is essential if you want to find your personal happiness, because no one in this world knows better what you need and moreover what makes you happy.

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If you make mistakes that’s fine – you will learn from the things that went wrong and grow upon the new knowledge.

So if you find yourself to be unhappy or uncomfortable, ask yourself WHY you feel this way. Get rid of everything that makes you blue – and listen to that inner voice speaking to you – it might be your heart! You are not supposed to please anyone – because everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness, not you! Make yourself your high priority and listen to your heart!

Your dreams won’t come to pass unless you chase them

Daily Inspirations

Work for your dreamsGood things come to those who wait. Not quite.

If you don’t chase your dreams and work for them, they are not going to pass. Not just work for them, but work your ass off. Expect nothing and put your hands to work. If you believe in yourself and really make an effort – your dreams will become your reality. This I guarantee.

This is just a reminder to make one definite step a day towards your goals.

Happy Monday!

Sorry fear, trust took your place:

Daily Inspirations

How often do you find yourself worrying about the future? About your dreams?

Worrying doesn’t take you anywhere. In fact, it takes you further away from what you want to achieve.

Why listening to your instincts is crucial

If you keep a positive mindset, full of hope and trust that things will work out the way you want them to work out, you create an energy that is infectious.

I want you to stop worrying today and declare that you put trust into the future and hope into your dreams. When you refuse to have fear, you are all set up for your victory!

Listen to your instincts!

Daily Inspirations

Should I or shouldn’t I?” – there’s not a single person on this planet that hasn’t asked themselves this question before. We are far to concerned what others think what we should or shouldn’t do, so we forget to listen to our own instincts.

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Don’t suppress the voice that speaks to you when you’re trying to figure out which way to go! Dismiss the voices from outside and listen to your instincts, it is almost 100% the best thing to do, for you!

Listen to your instincts more, they are the way to your happiness! 

Stay encouraged!

Daily Inspirations

Are you feeling like you’ve been under attack lately? Is there someone that won’t stop pulling everything you do into a negative light, not letting you have your peace?

If the answer is yes, then you have all reason to be happy!

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You are under attack, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is the energy of the blessing that you are going to receive that attracts the enemy.

Feel encouraged when people try to pull you down, it means that something very special is around the corner, waiting for you! Rejoice!